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*In order to participate, you have to sign up at the round's respective post with your username. Signups will be open once for every round. If you miss the signups, you will have to wait for the next round.

*Rules may vary according to the challenge or the round but all icons must meet LJ standards of size, dimensions and format (40kbs, 100x100pixels and .gif, .png, .jpg), all entries must be posted as a comment to the challenge post.

*All participants have one skip, which enables them to avoid participation once during the round. In order to earn another skip, you may advertise the community and post a link to the advertising on your sign up post.

*A round may have one or more particular rules that will also become particular rules for challenges.


*A new challenge for the round will be posted every week, and upon posting, participants will have 5 days to do their icon and submit it to the respective submission post. Only one icon per challenge, per challenge will be accepted.

*Icons made for the challenge must be exclusively made for the challenge and may not be posted anywhere else until voting has finished and results have been posted.

*Upon voting, people will be asked to vote for the icons that they believe have the least quality and to provide reasons. At each challenge one or several icon makers will be leaving the competition until until only one remains.

*The icon with the most positive votes will win "People's choice" and one icon every week will receive "Mod's Choice".


Layout and Profile code: milou_veronica
All other artwork by mods snowweisz and iamtheliquorr