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Challenge 03!

You are eligible to enter if your name is listed here

- Each participant must submit ONE icon for this challenge.
- Icons must meet LJ requirements (40kb and 100x100px)
- Brushes, texture, and other effects are allowed for all challenges. No Animation.
- Do not post your icon anywhere until after the voting is over.
- If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here.

-Post your icon in the following format:


Deadly Sins: The Bad Boy.

This week, we’ll be doing the bad guy. Damon. Hot Ian Somerhalder times, yes! Your icon must be either of Damon, or feature him as the most prominent subject of your composition. Any questions or doubts, feel free to comment with them here.

Icons will be due Tuesday, November 17th.

Some example caps here courtesy of Sci-fi/Fantasy Caps:

5/9 Submitted
Tags: !challenge, round 01, round 01 challenge 03
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